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Node.js The Collection
Node.js: The Collection by James Hibbard, Camilo Reyes, Michael Wanyoike, Mark Brown, Manjunath M, Jay Raj, Lukas White, James Kolce, Simon Holmes, Paul Orac, Patrick Catanzariti, Jani Hartikainen, M. David Green, Craig Buckler, Olayinka Omole, Ahmed Bouchefra, Paul Sauve
English | November 30th, 2018 | ISBN: 149207117X | 478 pages | EPUB | 3.83 MB

English | November 30th, 2018 | ISBN: 149207117X | 478 pages | EPUB | 3.83 MB
While there have been quite a few attempts to get javascript working as a server-side language, Node.js (frequently just called Node) has been the first environment that's gained any traction. It's now used by companies such as Netflix, Uber and Paypal to power their web apps. Node allows for blazingly fast performance; thanks to its event loop model, common tasks like network connection and database I/O can be executed very quickly indeed.
From a beginner's point of view, one of Node's obvious advantages is that it uses javascript, a ubiquitous language that many developers are comfortable with. If you can write javascript for the client-side, writing server-side applications with Node should not be too much of a stretch for you.
This collection contains three books that will help get you up and running with Node.
It contains:
* Your First Week With Node.js, which will get started using Node, covering all of the basics.
* 9 Practical Node.js Projects, which offers a selection of hand-on practical projects to develop your skills.
* Node.js: Related Tools & Skills, which outlines essential tools and skills that all Node developers should know.

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